Cutest Baby Sloths Rescued in Costa Rican Sanctuary

Now it is time to break some of stereotypes

Experience in wildlife conservation
To change some of the preconceptions we have about animals can be tricky and yet, we have taken this onto ourselves. You probably think of sloths as lazy: not that movies help create a different notion of them, as we have seen in some latest productions. Now it is time to break some of those stereotypes. Meet Sam Trull, the lady who founded the The Sloth Institute Costa Rica in Manuel Antonio and calls herself “the mother of sloths”. Sam is devoted to protecting wildlife, especially sloths, by raising them from babies to independent-living beings. This animal lover and primatoglogist established a photography page dedicated to the adorable sloths, called Primatography.

Sam Trull has a 20-year experience in wildlife conservation. She built a 19-foot cube cage near the rescue center and lets grown-up sloths hang there until they feel ready to go into the wild by themselves. The story started in 2013 when Sam adopted her first orphan sloth name Kermie. From that moment, many more were rescued, raised, and luckily photographed in the Costa Rican sloth institute. Take a look at them below:



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