Homemade Ironman suit lifts a Mini Cooper

Be as strong as superman stems

Impeccable strength
There are certain superhuman skills that I think we all aspire for and impeccable strengths is definitely in the top five. These longings usually kick in dire straights like moving day, or even really menial tasks like trying to open that stubborn jar of jelly. When you get down to the psyche of it, I’m sure this longing to be as strong as superman stems from just our ability to be completely liberated, never depending on anyone or anything, achieving pure omnipotence. Well, whatever your subconscious is attempting to tell you through lacking mortal shorting comings, a Canadian inventor found a way to carry out bionic strengths and that is through a suit that he invented himself.

James Hobson, an engineer (or should I say tailor) of pneumatic proportions, created an exoskeleton of a suit that lifts 2,500 lbs. To put this into a relatable reference, it is a mini cooper – in fact, that is exactly what he lifts, a mini cooper!

In his latest video, stemming from a series that chronicles the full evolution of this iron man-like suit, he shows only the lower half of the suit (the legs) utilizing a powerful set of pneumatic pistons. The suit itself has it’s own battery pack, powering the pistons to extend and lift up the car.

As shared on his website, Hobson quit his full-time job as a product developer, to spearhead the creation of this suit. After being optioned by the German programming show, Galileo, he decided to really push the pedal to the metal and complete the lower portion of the suit in one week. Nothing like a tight deadline to motivate a speedy creation.


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