Innovative Ultra-portable Footwear Ready for Any Adventure

High-strength waterproof coating that will keep your feet safe

To bring freedom and comfortability to your footwear
If you love staying active or maybe just hate putting on and tying your shoes, a new innovative footwear is seeking to change what you wear on a daily basis. Skinners are minimalistic footwear that are lightweight, anti-odor, and can fit in the back of your pocket. They aren’t just socks either, in fact, the soles are coated in a high-strength waterproof coating that will keep your feet safe, all the while keeping them comfortable. The goal of these shoes is to bring freedom and comfortability to your footwear, and they have utilized some creative engineering to make it happen.

The need to carry around bulky, specialized pairs of shoes is really what Skinners overcomes, and they promise to be the most comfortable footwear you will ever own. You may be thinking that these shoes will get gross since, after all, you don’t need to wear socks. However, the fabric is made of antibacterial yarn infused with silver (Ag+) so your feet will stay fresh. When you do want to clean these shoes, just throw them in the wash!

Personally, I dislike putting on shoes and having to deal with sweaty feat, and I am looking forward to getting some Skinners to bring a little comfortability into my footwear. These aren’t just for walking around town either, you can weight lift with them or even take a hike! Traction isn’t sacrificed in these shoes that combine all of the best aspects of socks, flip-flops and running shoes.

If you are taking a day trip somewhere and want to save room in your bag, just pack a pair of Skinners and you will be ready for whatever life throws at you. The shoes fit in your back pocket, and it is always nice to have a backup comfortable option when you are out and about.

Skinners just launched on Kickstarter, and if you want to get your hands on some, you can at the early bird price of US$29. Compared to other shoes, Skinners seem like a great deal when you weigh in how comfortable and durable they are.

If you want to learn more about Skinners, you can check out their Kickstarter page. Through some Interesting Engineering, and creative design, these shoes could make your feet much more comfortable.


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