Multi-Purpose Paris Building Foretells a New Architectural Trend

When architects jump in and think of micro cities

Monts Et Merveilles project
Expansion of modern cities asks for inventive new solutions. No longer can houses, apartments and buildings be so well planned that all amenities and utilities are nearby. Sometimes, urban benefits are far. This is when architects jump in and think of micro cities and collective homes. The Monts Et Merveilles project was designed by the team in Jean Bocabeille Architecte to meet such an idea. The mixed housing unit includes 132 separate homes, one religious center and 2 retail shops. The triangular building is located in the Parisian eco-district named Clichy-Batignolles which is now in development. Architects wanted to create minimal distances between structures, a desire to produce density, and – “…an unusual volume, at once a glacier and a rocky outcrop… and a sense of identity”.



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