Artist envisions apocalyptic world after natural disasters

How climate change could really change the planet

The future of the planet
Russian visual artist Evgeny Kazantsev doesn’t have a crystal ball, but he predicted the future of the planet with illustrations that could be considered completely surreal, if it wasn’t for the natural disasters we’ve already experienced so far.

Dubbed ‘Cataclysm Happens’, it shows us how climate change could really change the planet: he depicts everyday scenarios, important monuments in history, landscapes, all affected by heat waves, storms, melting glaciers and droughts.

In the artist’s vision, no person or place will escape this post-apocalyptic scenario.

La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, in ruins after a dust storm.

In exceptionally hot conditions, a Town by the Alps is shown without any snow.

The famous canals of Venice without water after a severe drought.

A frozen waterfall.

Desert meets water.

Uncountable flocks of birds lose direction as a result of climate change.

Torrential rains.

Oceans freezing.

And a very surreal fish rain!


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