15 Creative Ways to Recycle Your Old Drawers

Some of these drawer re-purposing ideas are a quick fix

Unwanted or unused drawers?
You will get amazed on these Creative Ways to Recycle Your Old Drawers. If you have old furniture damaged but with drawers in perfect condition, collect them all. Or you probably have some unwanted or unused drawers already somewhere in your garage with dusts, Salvage these drawers to decorate your home and garden!

Some of these drawer re-purposing ideas are a quick fix, while others may take you some days, all of them are fabulous and unique ways to save you money and bright up your decorating.

1.DIY Drawer Shelves: Mount small drawers on the wall and tack a picture in each one using photo corners. Shades of Grey turned some old drawers into unique drawer box shelves that are just tremendous.

Tutorial: ShadesOfGrey – DIY Drawer Shelves2. Drawer Plant Stand: Add a stand to make a movable drawer planter for home or patio.

Tutorial: Happy together byjess

3. Simple Drawer Tray: Make a simple tray using distressing paint techniques, such a vintage decor for home organization.

Tutorial: Skurin blogspot

4. Drawers into Porch Planters: Upcycling something boring into something useful and pretty!

Tutorial: My Love 2 Create

5. Drawer Dog Bed: Use big drawer to make a bed for your dog. Make sure to put a mattress inside.

Tutorial: DIY Show Off

6. Self-watering Planter: Make this unique self-watering planter from 3 dresser drawers!


7. Drawers Into Wall Storage: Another great idea to hang these drawers on the wall to keep shoes from cluttering the floor!

Tutorial: The Douangphila

8. Under The Bed Storage: Turn drawers into under-bed storage units. Just fix casters to their undersides and done! It will help keep rooms neat and tidy.

9. Entire Dresser Garden Box: Recycle an entire dresser drawer into a garden box for your backyard.

Tutorial: HubPages

10. Hangers From Old Drawers: Use something like this to hang your clothes.

Tutorial: Design Sponge

11. Drawer Headboard: Put several drawers together to make a gorgeous headboard with shelves.

Vanity Drawers12. Old Drawer Ottoman: Add a cover over the drawer to make a ottoman with underneath storage.

Tutorial: Hometalk

13. Wall Mounted Drawer Planter: Such a creative and pretty idea to mount drawers onto wall for planter pot and hanging plants.

Bright Nest

14. Jewelry Organizer: Jewelry stand made from old drawer. Great idea to hold your earrings, bracelets and other stuff organized.

15. DIY Jewelry Organizer:

Tutorial: Mikaela Danvers


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