These Are the Hottest Nails Trends for 2016

Stay on top of the biggest trends

Next time you are in the chair
Getting my nails done and having them look amazing is one of my favorite things. I always try to stay on top of the biggest trends out there and girls, you ready for the hottest 2016 nail trends? I am! Let's take a look at what you should tell your nail tech to do next time you are in the chair.

1. Sweater Nail Art

How cool does this look?

2. Glass Shard Nails

I think these are just a little freaky but look beautiful when done right.

3. All the Patterns

This is one of my faves!

4. The New Frenchie!

This look is uber chic, but I have one question, do her nails look dirty?

5. Colored Tips

Green, pink, blue – pick your poison!

6. Inverted Triangle

So hard to master, but this is definitely one of my favorite looks!

7. Two Little Lines

Not even mad at this one! Simple yet classic!

8. Just Two Fingers

Last year, it was one finger, now it's two!

9. White Graphism

I LOVE IT! So asking my nail tech to do this next time I'm in the chair.

10. You Can Switch up the Two Fingers Too

Oh yes, you don't have to pick just your ring and pinky, switch it up!

11. Bright Coral is the Color!

This is definitely one color you'll have to jump on this spring!

12. All the Plaid!

This is one of my favorite trends, it's hard to do yourself, but it looks so freaking cool!

13. Glitter up!

Move your glitter from the tip toward the back of your nail. It looks so cool and is so on trend.

14. Mother of Pearl Nails!

These remind me of the insides of oysters. So cool looking!

15. Color + Lines

Loving the simple lines!

16. Two-toned

Keep it subtle too!

17. Love That Shattered Glass Look

Seriously, it looks so neat!

18. Glitz & Glam

Try your lines the other way!

19. Simple Glitter

One clear coat of glitter and you're ready to go!

20. White on White

Another new Frenchie – so chic and elegant!

21. Pattern It up!

Switch up your patterns on each nail!

22. Three-toned

Oh yes, we went there!


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