10 weirdest gadgets you would never need

Sometimes they take it way too far

Crazy devices
It’s okay when technology is advancing everything around us – the smartphones turn into smartwatches, robotics is accelerating every day with robotic hoovers, kitchens and everything else appearing in our lives. But sometimes they take it way too far. Check out these ten crazy devices you would probably never need.


Like a health tracker you would wear on your wrist, this comes as a headband that can read your emotions. Do we really need a device to tell us how we feel?

Ziro motion control glove

Put on this special glove and with each motion a 4-wheeled robot will move according to it. Almost like a remote-controlled car toy but instead of a handset you use your hand.

Paper-thin TV

Remember how 10-15 years ago we thought we’d have paper-thin TVs in a few years? Well, this time has come – LG designed a paper-thin display that be rolled up like a piece of paper.

Smart fridge

Another not so useful thing to have. Whilst it tells you what’s inside the fridge so you know what you need to buy – are you really going to listen to your fridge telling you what to eat? A new advanced version even opens the door once you step in front of it. Imagine annoying hundreds of times when you walk past and your fridge just opens up.

Smart alarm

This device however might just be the only thing to wake you up – it releases scents of fresh bread, ocean, coffee, chocolate or mint once the alarm goes off. Try resisting!

Hug shirts

Get two shirts for yourself and your friend and put them on – if you hug yourself, your friend will feel it on his shirt as if you were really there. Maybe it sounds cool but isn’t it weird if somewhere in the middle of a street you feel an urge to hug yourself?

Google glass

The most talked about device of the year – it is like having a phone in your glasses. Futuristic indeed but it also raises a lot of security issues. We’ll see if they decide to make it fully available to public.

Keyboard pants

You literally sit down with a computer in front of you and type on your knees – in case you are too lazy to use the normal keyboard. These pants have built-in speaker and a special back pocket for a wireless mouse.

Trago bottle cap

High-tech bottle cap that lets you know how much water is left in it. Why can’t you simply shake it or look inside? We are left to wonder that.

MStick lighting bike bar

MStick is bar-shaped light that you can attach to the back of your bike and apart from lighting includes 20 other quite useless features for such a device: timer, mood light, text visualizer, flash alarm and a few others.


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