Extraordinary Glow-In-The-Dark Jewelry Will Give You a Magic Vibe

This is a full-time business made with love

New unique decorative piece
Many gorgeous and precious things can be discovered on Etsy. If you lack inspiration for a new unique decorative piece in your life, here is a wonderful proposition to consider. Papillon9 is an exclusive jewelry shop from Gore, Canada, owned by Manon Richard and co-owned and assisted by her daughter Maggie who run the amazing business for making and selling glowing ear cuffs, pendants and rings together.

This is a full-time business made with love. During the day the jewelry is in opalescent white color, but at night, it becomes luminous and lights up the room. The cool turquoise pieces can be charged under ambient light, but glow with the brightest shine under sunlight or black-light. Although the light fades as time goes by, the lifespan of the ornaments is 20 years. Cool, shining and lasting!



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