17 Phrases That Can Build Sexual Tension

Forget about your appearance and use your words

Be considered sexy
You don't have to wear next to nothing in order to be considered sexy. In fact, you can forget about your appearance and use your words to turn on a man instead. Here are a few phrases that can build sexual tension in any situation:

1. Make Me

You've probably seen movies where a couple was "arguing" and this phrase was used. There's something about it that can turn an innocent situation into a naughty one.

2. Prove It

This phrase will work in plenty of situations. Of course, it's best if your crush is telling you about what an amazing kisser he is.

3. I Wish We Weren’t out in Public

This sentence seems pretty innocent, but it will make him think of some pretty naughty things. He'll be wondering what you'd do to him if you actually got him alone.

4. You’re Cute when You’re Angry

This is a cliche phrase, so you can make it sound like you're just joking. Of course, whenever you call a guy cute, the sexual tension will build.

5. Guess What I'm Wearing?

If you ask him this question while you're texting, he's going to imagine you in a bunch of provocative outfits. Even if you're in your oversized pajamas, this should build the sexual tension.

6. I’m Laying in Bed Right Now

When you text him to say you're in bed, he's going to imagine what would be happening if he were in that bed with you.

7. I Just Got out of the Shower

This is another clever thing to text him. It'll make him think of you naked and covered in soap. That's sure to turn him on.

8. I Had a Dream about You

It doesn't matter if this is the truth or not. If he hears that you've been dreaming about him, he's going to assume that you've been having fantasies about him.

9. I Can’t Get You out of My Head

This isn't something you'd say to a casual acquaintance. That's why it'll build the sexual tension right away. He won't have to ask for details to know that you've been thinking about some super sexual things.

10. I Wish You Were Here

It's best to use this line when you're about to step into the shower or when you're resting in bed.

11. I Want to Touch You

There's no way for him to interpret this phrase incorrectly. That's why it's the perfect thing to say when you're in the mood to flirt.

12. You Look Amazing in Those Jeans

This is definitely going to build the sexual tension. Why? Well, even though you're technically complimenting his jeans, he'll know that you're really complimenting his butt.

13. I Dare You

Everybody loves a challenge. That's why this phrase can come across as super flirty.

14. You’re so Naughty

If you use the word "dirty" or "naughty" when speaking to him, his mind is going to go to naughty places.

15. I’m so Turned on Right Now

It doesn't matter if you're telling him that he's turned you on, or that you're just horny in general. Either way, it'll build the sexual tension.

16. Kiss Me

The sexual tension is going to be off the charts if you two are getting ready to kiss!

17. Your Mind is so Dirty

Just make sure you let him know how much you love that dirty mind!


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