7 Pickup Lines That Men Think Will Actually Work

There are some that might actually pique your interest in a man

Pickup lines actually work on wome
Some pickup lines are funny. Some are corny. Some are clever. However, they usually don't work. However, there are some that might actually pique your interest in a man. According to Ask Men, these pickup lines actually work on women:

1. "I Have a Question and Need a Woman's Advice."

The next line of his will be, "Let's say I see a really cute girl, do I go up and talk to her or is that too direct?" When she tells him to just talk to her, he'll introduce himself. Isn't that smooth?

2. "so, if I Wasn't Buying All This Gatorade, Would You Still Check Me out?"

Of course, this will only work on cashiers, and some of them are tired of getting hit on all day long.

3. "I'm Going to Have to Ask You to Leave. You're Making the Other Girls Look Bad."

This is a unique way to call you beautiful.

4. "Hey, is That Guy Bothering You? No? Would You Mind if I Bothered You then?"

This probably wouldn't actually work, but it is pretty clever.

5. "Hey Girl, Are You a Beaver? Because DAM."

If you're a fan of the corny lines, you'll love this one.

6. "on a Scale of 1 to America How Free Are You Tonight?"

If you're a history major, this might just win you over.

7. "I've Got All These Forks and Knives All I Need is a Little Spoon."

Of course, this one only really works if he's in a kitchen filled with silverwear.


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