10 creative ways to use kitchen utensils as decor

Give those old utensils a new purpose

Find other uses
Do you have old flatware and other kitchen utensils you no longer use, but can’t really let go of? Maybe you can simply find other uses for them. With a bit of creativity you can give those old utensils a new purpose, using them as decor for your home. You want some help? Here are some inspirations, now get to work!

A teapot can also be a cute flower vase.

Pasta strainer turned into wall lighting.

An old ladle turned into an adorable candle holder.

Tea cups make for matching flower vases.

Cut-off wine bottles turned into a perfect lighting piece.

Use a cutting board as a tablet holder while you check out recipes in the kitchen.

Turn old flatware into a chandelier.

Rolling pins become interesting wall knobs.

Silverware can turn into great wall hooks.

Wine corks make for tiny flower vases.


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