Versailles Newest Architectural Embellishment Made From Water and Mirrors

Massive metal and light sculptures

From June to September
Versailles is famous for letting artists from all around the world come and make a temporary refurbishment, renovation or change of looks and scenery in the interior and the exterior of the monumental building. Many famous sculptors have transformed prominent Versailles garden into something totally new for its visitors. From June to September the French castle-museum is changed by Olafur Eliasson. Olafur is a sculptor from Denmark and Iceland known around the world for massive metal and light sculptures produced by the team of almost hundred people working in his studio.

Two sections form the exhibition: one is formed from three outdoor works in the gardens – huge sculptures made from various states of water – fluid, fog and absence signifying sense of impermanence and transition. Inside the castle, walls and windows are decorated by series of mirrors that replicate the space providing a unique experience for visitors who discover their reflections in unknown squares and places.


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