Dramatic Pictures of the Sakurajima Volcano Erupting with Lightning

While the volcanic outburst was in progress lightning appeared

Spectacular eruption
Surely, you must have seen pictures of an erupting volcano in your life before. But have you ever seen such a spectacular eruption as the one seen in Kyushu, Japan. While the volcanic outburst was in progress lightning appeared; making a tempting opportunity to create astonishing pictures.

Close up on volcanic outburst and created thunderbolt

Sakurajima Volcano is located on this former island. It is a true paradise for photographers and a delight for everyone who is lucky enough to see the pictures.

Erupting Sakurajima Volcano with astonishing lightning

Every so often the volcano erupts with stunning results; red hot lava and thunderbolts exploding around it. It is a true wonder of nature.

Amazing view of Sakurajima

The first to photograph this rare sighting was Martin Rietze. The pictures turned out to be so breathtaking and unique that NASA chose his picture to be the picture of the day in March 2013.

The show continues

Recently, there was another eruption of Sakurajima Volcano. The explosion had a similar outcome to one in 2013. Wouldn’t it be cool to see the volcano and its amazing spectacle for yourself? At a safe distance, of course


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