Wearable translator allows you to speak any language

A great revolution in intercultural communication

The experience of a new country
If you’ve got the travel bug like me you know how great and exciting the experience of a new country can be. But if you don’t know the local language, it can get quite difficult to communicate and do the most basic things, such as asking for information or ordering a dish at a restaurant.

But this new wearable device, which you can wear around your neck like a necklace, promises to be a great revolution in intercultural communication. We are talking about ili, manufactured by the Japanese company Logbar. It is a voice translator that translates in real time everything that you say or hear. The point of this sleek device is to be an on-the-go translator and allow people to communicate in an easy way regardless of the language they speak.

It allows people to communicate in a simple way, since it uses voice rather than text, and it doesn’t even need internet connection to work. The product launch is expected later this year. Being a Japanese company, the initial languages ??available are Japanese, Chinese and English, but they plan to expand into many other languages in the future.


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