The life-size BB-8 is real and you can get one this year

Be able to roll it around your house later this year

One of the biggest stars from the latest Star Wars
NEW YORK — The rumored life-size BB-8 droid from Star Wars: The Force Awakens is real, everyone, and you’ll be able to roll it around your house later this year.

Arguably one of the biggest stars from the latest Star Wars film, BB-8 isn’t like other droids — it is a ball with a head, and its mechanics still baffle people. Here’s an explanation on how exactly the little orange and white ball droid works.

BB-8 has already had a number of miniature models released, but they pale in comparison to the full-size model shown by Spin Master at the Toy Fair this year. The toy looks and sounds exactly like BB-8 does in the movie, and the team is working closely with Lucasfilm to get everything right.

Not only can you control BB-8 with a controller — which looked very smooth — you can also use voice commands. The droid can detect which directions sounds come from and is able to act on different commands, like “BB-8, come here,” where it will look at you and move toward you.

BB-8 uses light and sound sensors to detect where you are and listen to your commands.

There is also a “follow me” mode, where BB-8 will follow you around like it does with Rey in The Force Awakens. Finally, there is a “sentry” mode, where BB-8 will stand still and scan its surroundings, and if it sees movement, it will sound an alarm.

While the BB-8 toy won’t be able to go up and down stairs or stick out a lighter for comedic effect, it will be able to do pretty much everything else you’d expect.

The BB-8 toy is expected to release this fall for $179.


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