The Next Golden Age Of Space Travel Is Now

NASA Releases Gorgeous New Retro Space Travel Posters

Echo of our triumphant past
Pick your signpost: Is it the fact that NASA’s new, appropriately-named Dream Chaser spacecraft could usher us into an era of regular civilian spaceflight? The fact that SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket recently completed the first safe landing of a reusable rocket?

Or is it the fact that, since November, NASA has been accepting applications that could allow any American with the ability to pass the NASA physical, a bachelors degree in engineering, science, or math, and three years of flight experience, to join the next class of astronauts — the class that will almost certainly be going to Mars?

No matter where you look, the clues are everywhere — the second golden age of space travel is here. What better way to celebrate this bold future, and its echoes of our triumphant past, than with these brand new retro-futurist NASA space travel posters, courtesy of their Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s Exoplanet Travel Bureau:



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