Optical Illusion of Disjointed Bodies Shows Transitory Moments in Time

Imagination can create manifold world-views

The world of reason and logic
Omnipotent technology is sometimes an extension that surpasses human powerlessness. Imagination can create manifold world-views, unthinkable in the three-dimensional realistic world. Perhaps that is why we invented technology in the end – to find means by which we will personify thoughts and objects that do not exist in the world of reason and logic. It is exactly what Jim De Block does with his project named ‘Neither Here Nor There’ in which he used digital photography to shape up a different reality, one in which human bodies can exist in parallel dimensions in different worlds. The project features dismembered human figures who are usually half-bodied or decapitated, struggling to find their place in a split world. A great metaphor for the separation we often face in our disintegrated daily living.



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