Winter Coat Inspiration from the Duchess of Cambridge

Stunning coat over all of her most iconic outfits

Winter coat inspiration
Kate Middleton is known for her stellar style, and more often than not, she can be found wearing a stunning coat over all of her most iconic outfits. If you're looking for some winter coat inspiration this year, Kate Middleton is definitely the person to look to. She knows how to rock a winter coat like no one else!

1. Shades of Blue

Even though blue and black are usually considered a fashion faux pas, Kate Middleton turned it into a fashion do in this chic look!

2. Bright Blue Coat

I love this bright blue coat against the black turtleneck.

3. White and Fitted

This white coat looks so great when it flairs out just a little bit.

4. Blush Pink

This baby pink coat is the perfect winter look.

5. Hot Pink

Kate Middleton makes it clear that you don't have to stick with dark colors in the winter with this hot pink coat!

6. Geometric and Green

I love the geometric lines and green color of this beautiful coat.

7. Simple and Pale Gray

The clean lines of this coat are perfect for the winter.

8. Coral Pink

This coat looks so stunning against her dress. This is definitely one of her best maternity looks ever.

9. Tweed Coat

Kate Middleton rocks this tweed coat so well!

10. White Maternity Look

This white coat looks so beautiful as it accentuates her pregnant belly!

11. Maroon and Cinched

The big black belt cinches this pretty maroon coat so well!

12. Pastel Blue

This pastel blue coat looks absolutely regal on this legendary duchess!

13. Mauve Look

This coat easily works as a neutral color alongside her dark accessories.

14. Red Armani Coat

I think we'd all love to wear this red Armani coat, especially paired with this pretty tartan scarf.

15. Tartan Coat

Leave it to Kate Middleton to show some Scottish love with this tartan coat when she's visiting over there!

16. Deep Colors

This is one of Kate's most sophisticated winter looks, partly thanks to the deep maroon color!

17. Rain Coat

Who says rain coats always have to be functional? Kate Middleton definitely disproves that!

18. Duchess on the Town

Don't you love that Kate Middleton still goes out with friends? She wore this beautiful, much more casual than usual coat, out on a night out with friends!

19. Patterned Coat

Just because she's royal doesn't mean Kate can't wear fun patterns, and she definitely proves that in this coat!

20. Showing off Her Bump

Don't you love that she wasn't afraid to show off her bump in this blue coat?

21. Unique Color

This is, without a doubt, one of the most unique colors I've ever seen. It's such a pretty mix of brown, red, and burnt orange.

22. Casual Coat

I love that even though Kate is royal, she goes casual when attending something more active like a rugby match!

23. Green Accents

This green coat was the perfect way to start to show off her baby bump!


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