Street Art Murals in New York City that will take your breath away

There is an artist that creates truly amazing murals

City’s cultural life
Street art is definitely more popular than ever before. Quite often we stumble upon ‘art’ that is little more than graffiti tags, and sometimes it is hard to even call it art. But thankfully there are artists out there whose work really contributes to the city’s cultural life. I bet that you see murals at your hometown every day, but there is an artist that creates truly amazing murals that will take your breath away.

Meet Li-Hill, from Brooklyn, New York…


Li-Hill is an artist from Brooklyn, NY. Lucky Brooklyn to pay host to an artist of such talent! The astonishing 3D street art created by this artist captures the eye of every passer-by. The mystical and unusual imagination of Li-Hill shines through his creations.

Capture motion

Every angle of his work, every detail is carefully thought through. Lucky apartment residents living across from this state-of-the-art murals. They get to look at them every single morning.

Angles vs Angles

What one can do to enjoy extraordinary murals by Li-Hill? No other choice than to move to Brooklyn, NY

Am I moving with the speed of light?


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