12 of the Scariest, Eeriest or just Plain Weird Custom Guitars

Aching memories of the battlefield in the ghost soldier guitar

?arrying a personal truth
Guitar lovers know the exceptional value of a custom-made instrument. Custom guitars do not only play the tunes but carry a personal truth within their distinctive appearance. Can you see the aching memories of the battlefield in the ghost soldier guitar? The furrowed brows look like the face of the enemy coming straight upon the opponents, having no mercy. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could just roll down the road with the bike guitar after performing live at one of your best visited night gigs?

There is something epic about guitars and scary dragons. The mythical creatures love hanging on the necks of cool guitars. Maybe one of them blew fire on the red lava guitar, turning it into a molten mess. Play a string on the silver dragon-like guitar and you can instantly turn into a semi-rock-star, semi-medieval knight, flying his sword at his rival. Not all guitarists want to own horrifying, frightening instruments. Some of them prefer the cheery and cheesy electro-pop music from the 80s as suited to the rainbow guitar. Which, if you could ask die-hard hard-rock fans, is scary enough by itself!



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