The Raised Garden Bed

U-Shaped Raised Garden Bed for Easy Access

No rest for this
With the trees moved and lunch in our bellies, we began to tackle the larger mission at hand - the garden beds. We moved through our tasks one by one... first cutting all ten the large 12x16 boards to size, then the 2x4's, and lastly the 4x4. If I never have to hold another heavy 16ft piece of wood while J tries to square it up, I will be happy.

With everything in place, we started to assemble the structure. As the
sides went up it became obvious just how large this garden bed was...


After all was in place, we stood back to marvel at our new best friend...

I can't tell you how happy I am with this investment. Sure, the upfront costs of building your own garden can be steep (and had we built this garden using cedar wood it would have double our costs!), but in all honesty, it's a price I am willing to pay for not only the experience of growing my own food, but the health benefits as well. No pesticides. No chemicals. Only real food.

And look what was delivered this morning... it's obvious the real fun begins tonight, when we get to fill the beds with 7 yards of soil. No rest for this "farmer!"


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