A Fabulous New Candy Shop Just for Adults

Edible eyewear, lipsticks, wrist watches and semi-precious stones

Sweet Saba Candy
Famous gummy-candy makers, step aside, because there is a new queen at the throne! Maayan Zilberman, the founder of Sweet Saba Candy seriously ups the ante in the confectionery business, by making edible eyewear, lipsticks, wrist watches and semi-precious stones, all with her hands.

These delightful hand-made candies can be found in her first shop at Fort Gansevoort in New York. Mayaan has conveniently named the place candy rock and crystal bar according to one of her distinct designs. The story of the candy shop creation is as sweet as its products. It started long ago when she moved from Israel to Canada as a small girl. She used the kitchen as her lab, (as she calls it) to start crafting her culinary skills, together with her grandpa. This is where her shop got the name from – saba is Hebrew for grandpa.

The story is not over yet. Just in time for the Sweet Valentine, this candy wizard plans to surprise us with some new artistry. If you don’t live in New York, do not despair! Sweet Saba Candy runs an online shop. While you are there, check out Mayaan’s candy diary to read about how she makes all this cool stuff.


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