7 Ways to Decorate like an Adult Instead of a College Kid

Make your room look a little more grown up

Decorate properly
Your room can say a lot about you. That's why you need to decorate properly. According to Cosmopolitan, here are a few ways to make your room look a little more grown up:

1. Swap Your Posters for Pictures

As much as you love your band posters, they can come across as a little childish. That's why you should replace them with a framed photo of your favorite band members!

2. Swap Your String Lights for Actual Lights

String lights make your room look whimsical. But if you'd prefer to have your room like mature and meticulous, you should buy actual lights that hang from the wall and ceiling.

3. Swap Your Plug-in Air Freshener for a Candle

You're old enough to light a candle in your room and remember to blow it out, so don't hesitate to buy a few of them.

4. Swap Your Kiddie Bedding for Adult Bedding

You can tell the difference between a kid's bedroom and an adult's bedroom, just by looking at the sheets. Find something that's a little less colorful and a little more mature.

5. Swap Your Stray Bottles for a Liquor Cabinet

You don't want to leave a case of beer on the floor. Instead, buy a liquor cabinet or a fancy cart to hold all of your alcohol.

6. Swap Your Mason Jars for Vases

Your flowers deserve to be placed in an actual vase. Don't just stick them in the first things you see.

7. Swap Your Door Mirror for a Floor Mirror

You still need a full-length mirror, but now that you're older, you should buy one that stands on its own.


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