12 Best Office Gadgets That You Need

You are going to want it in your cubicle

Incredibly useful
The office is the place where you spend most of your day, so why not fill it with the best gadgets out there. From the absurd to the incredibly useful, here is a list of 12 office gadgets that you definitely are going to want in your cubicle.

12. Life Calendar: Happy Day Tracker

Have you ever come home from work and felt like you have the worst job ever? Well now you can track your happiness in an easy fun way. At the end of every day, simply draw the face that most closely resembles how you feel about that day! Once you fill up the sheet, you can look back and see if you really are enjoying your work or if you need to start looking for something else.

11. Skypanel Florescent Light Diffuser

Those annoying florescent lights can become pretty irritating after a long work week. With this sky colored light diffuser, you can bring a little bit of the open air into your work life. While it might not get you outdoors, it will sure make your office a little more inviting.

10. Crap Boxes

This would make the perfect gift for that person who loves their job. Between all of the useless papers cluttering your desk or that important presentation for next week, store it all in these multi-colored crap boxes.

9. CableDrop

If you have a million cables draped over the side of your desk than, you need a CableDrop. In what is probably the best looking solution to your cord problem, a 6-pack of CableDrop is available for just US$10 on Amazon.

8. Cyanics Desk Organizer

There are tons of desk organizers out there, but the Cyanics Desk Organizer is perhaps the coolest. Not only does it organize your stuff, but it also has USB ports and every memory connection you can imagine. This organizer will take up little space on your desk and is only US$39,99 from Amazon.

7. Return Address Embosser

Class up your letter writing skills with this return address embosser. You will be sure to impress anyone you send a letter to with your name beautifully stamped in the back of the envelope. While some may think the art of letter writing is dying, it is a sure fire way to impress that next company you apply to.

6. Ring Ruler

The days of drawing terrible circles and having to calculate circumferences are over! With this flexible rule you can draw out circles and other shapes with ease. Of course, it still functions as a regular ruler as well, but who wants to draw straight lines when you can perfect your circle drawing skills?

5. USB Desktop Aquarium

In what is probably not the best idea, you can now store your phone next to your aquatic friends. This desk organizer is sure to be a conversation starter around the office, and you will never get lonely with your trusty goldfish by your side.

4.Tornado Demonstration Model

This tornado demonstration model is for the person who wants to spend US$300 on a machine that creates mini tornadoes. Probably the most useless gadget on the list, it sure would be cool to have a tornado on your desk. Although, we don’t recommend using the excuse “a tornado destroyed my work” to get out of that next report.

3. USB Coffee Warmer

Coffee is essential to the work day, but it’s the worst when your morning cup of joe gets cold from sitting too long. Now, you can keep your coffee warm through a simple USB cord. This one is available for around US$10 but there are plenty of versions out there, so be sure to shop around!

2. Brookstone Wi-Fi Scanner

Some days, making that trip to the copier sounds like just too much. Now you only have to barely move your hand to get that important document all scanned in. This would be very useful for the business man on the go or even a family looking to keep track of their receipts.

1. Wind Up Shredder

Shredders tend to be bulky and take up a lot of space, not to mention they can be very expensive. For the person that needs to occasionally shred that important bill, the wind up hand shredder is for you. While it may not be the fastest tool in the world, it gets the job done.

There are a plethora of other useful office gadgets that you might need on your desk. Whether its a gift for that friend who’s always at work, or a little something for yourself, we’re sure there is a gadget out there for you!


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