Shopping is like exploring a Labyrinth

Be careful not to get lost

Shopping heaven for gold jewellery
To imagine the size of this grandiose covered market just keep in mind that it has 4,000 shops, four entrances, employs 30,000 people and its own map! There is even a tourist guide named How to Plan Your Visit to the Grand Bazaar Istanbul.

Built on 54,653 square meters, it started small when the Ottoman Turks entered Istanbul in the 15th century. Kapal? Çar??, as the host people call it, is a shopping heaven for gold jewellery, oriental carpets, pottery, spices, souvenirs and accessories.

If you ever visit, be careful not to get lost in the small alleys and arm yourself with your best bargaining skills. The owners of the small shops, called dolap shops, famous for their aggressive selling style, love to do a good bargain.



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