22 Most Spectacular and Terrific World Highways

Find a way to get there

See the amazing panoramas
The Earth has curves at some strange places – some natural, some man-made. Often, she is not cooperative and puts magnificent places on high peaks and in faraway valleys, much to the pleasure of adventurous explorers who need to find a way to get there.

Aren’t we all grateful to the road pioneers who trailed, dug, rode, blasted mountains, put the asphalt or went underwater to make these mighty roads to wonderful places? Whatever the destination, they are making one hell of a journey for all of us.

Hopefully, each and every one of us will have the chance to see the amazing panoramas or feel the thrills of the heights and the curves of these roaming twists. Well, at least one of them.
Hana Highway, Hawaai
Valley of Fire Road, Nevada
Amalfi Coast, Italy
Chapman’s Peak Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa
Col De Turini, France
Dades Gorge, High Atlas, Morocco
Furka Pass, Switzerland
Glacier National Road, Montana
Great Ocean Road, Australia
Highway 1, Big Sur, California
Karakorum Highway, Chinese-Pakistani border
Road Transfagaras, Romania
Route 550, Colorado
Route 40, Argentina
Sani Pass, South Africa
Seven Mile Bridge, Florida
Stelvio Pass, Central Eastern Alps, Italy
The Atlantic Road, Norway
The Atlantic Road, Norway
Tianmen Mountain Road, China
Trollstigen, Norway
Zojila Pass, India
Lombard Street, San Francisco


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