The Unusually Mesmerizing River of Five Colors

It is the rare seasonal appearance of red

Isolated and unapproachable area
Colombians call this stunning liquid spectrum The River of Five Colors. Cano Cristales, the pride of Colombia, is located in an isolated and unapproachable area near the small village of La Macarena in the Colombian Meta region.

It gets black from the dark river rocks, yellow from the bottom sand, green with mosses and drizzling with clear blue water. But, it is the rare seasonal appearance of red that brings its full beauty into life. The formation of endemic red algae that happens during the wet and dry season weather change creates this kaleidoscopic awesomeness. The play of sunlight during the change makes its colors more defined.

Now everyone can experience the hypnotic pools, rapids and waterfalls of the waterway that runs with miles, by booking a local plane to enjoy an air view of the river. The seclusion of the area requires permission. Cano Cristales is under the authority of the wider Natura Sierra de La Macarena National Park.



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