Fun Fruit Serving Ways To Get Kids Eating Healthy

Ensure kids will get enough fruit

Get enough fruit
Kids seldom want to eat all the things they should but picky for what they love most. Serving fruits with mixed nutrients is a big challenge for parents. Here are fun ways shared by Diply to get kids to eat healthy, you can at least ensure they’ll get enough fruit!

Fruit and Veggie Snails:
Who says you can’t play with your food?! These tiny fruit cars are perfect for a little boy’s birthday party! See how they did it at eHow.

Sledding Penguins:

These cute little penguins from Reading Confetti, are the perfect healthy treat combining chocolate with fruit and optimal fun!

Fruit and Veggie Snails:

This is like a much better, updated version of ants on a log. Visit Stop Lookin’ Get Cookin’ for the full details.

Watermelon Flowers:

This cute little cup of flowers would be absolutely perfect for a little girl’s birthday party! Find the directions at One Crafty Thing.

Check them all via Diply.


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