Tragedy Motivates Obese Twin Sister To Make A Stunning Transformation

A surprising, heartbreaking and inspiring turn

A very shocking update
Twin sisters Mary and Ruth looked completely identical until they reached the age of 11. That’s when Mary started putting on weight. Mary’s issues with food became so extreme that, by the time the sisters reached adulthood, Ruth weighed 120 pounds and Mary weighed 420 pounds. Even their mother called Ruth “the pretty one.”

“She was the perfect twin, and I wasn’t,” Mary said on Oprah’s Where Are They Now?.

Though Mary was clearly struggling internally, her behavior had equally devastating impacts on the people who loved her most. Her eating affected Ruth so much that she battled anorexia and bulimia for years because she was so petrified to gain weight. Ruth claimed she’d rather starve to death than look like Mary. And Mary’s 13-year-old son, Chris, was terrified that she was eating herself to death.

Years after the sisters’ appeared on Where Are They Now? Oprah caught up with the 34-year-old twins for a very shocking update. Six years after their initial interview, their lives took such a surprising, heartbreaking and inspiring turn that you have to experience their story for yourself.


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