This Intimate Photo Tribute to Africa will Warm Your Heart

Human stories as they manifest in native surroundings

Immeasurable beauty
Mario Gerth is a photo nomad in love with African culture who turned his passion for travelling into a profession. Mario travels across the world as a photojournalist to witness human stories as they manifest in native surroundings.

This German photographer uses his skills to capture the quiet poise of African people. He created a series of warm black and white portraits to picture the unique grace of the African culture. There is a sense of great intimacy between his models and himself. Each photo oozes an intense eye contact full of trust and understanding.

Having been in more than 80 countries in the world, by himself or with friends, Mario Gerth’s life history must be full of diverse events and witness of atrocities, as well as immeasurable beauty. The African close-up portraits are definitely in the second category. Inspired by his work, Time Magazineawarded him with the title “world-changer”.


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