This is Why You Should Get a White Ink Tattoo

It will make you the star of the show

Here you go!
Here's what I love about white ink tattoos. They are subtle, but still really awesome. And some of them glow under a black light, which will make you the star of the show when you go to the roller skating rink. If you want some ink, but don't want something totally obvious, I think you'll like a white ink tattoo. Need more proof? Here you go!

1. Instead of a Wedding Ring

2. Just an Initial

3. How about a Tiny Anchor?

4. A Meaningful Quote is a Good Idea

5. Fancy Flower Design

6. Get Something on Your Back

7. A White Butterfly

8. Moon Phases in White Ink

9. Paw Print with a Heart

10. White Feathers Are Fantastic

11. Just a Word That Means Something to You

12. Optical Illusion Tattoo

13. Doctor Who Tattoo

14. Love is All You Need

15. Infinity Cross

16. Black Detailing to Highlight the White Ink Tattoo

17. Flying Bird

18. Music Tattoo

19. Itty Bitty Swan

20. Temporary Tattoo to Inspire the Real Thing

21. White Tattoo on Your Foot

22. Flowery Design

23. Arrow on Your Wrist

24. Dream

25. White Stars

26. How about a Tree?

27. Animal Foot Print

28. Really Cool Design

29. Amazing White Ink Wings

30. Just Breathe

31. Anchor on Your Foot

32. A Big Flower is Awesome

33. I Am the Ocean

34. Geometric Pattern

35. How about the Bones in Your Body

36. White Sternum Tattoo

37. A Simple Cross

38. Put a White Ink Tattoo on You Wrist

39. A Bird in Flight

40. Heart with the Beating Pattern

41. White Lace Sleeve

42. Believe

43. The Most Beautiful Tattooed Woman

44. Feather on Your Arm

45. Say Something with Your Tattoo

Would you ever get a white ink tattoo?


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