Nissan launches intelligent self-parking chairs for an ad

Motorized chairs that park themselves back to their place

With a simple clap
If you work in the office, you’ve definitely noticed that not everyone has the discipline to tuck their chairs back to their rightful positions. Well, Nissan seems to have created a solution to this “problem”: motorized chairs that park themselves back to their place with a simple clap.

Obviously, the famous Japanese car manufacturer decided not to expand its business to include dubious technological solutions for situations that don’t need solving to begin with. Instead, the purpose of this stunt is simply to promote the intelligent parking assist technology in the brand’s vehicles, as can be seen in the video itself.

Anyway, the advertisement is really interesting, as it instigates us to wonder how the chairs can find their way back to their initial position. Motors placed at the base of each of these modified Okamura chairs are tracked by four motion cameras on the walls and they respond to WiFi commands.


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