Wildly Fun and Crazy Taxi Interiors in Cartoon Style

The imaginative Mumbai design talent

Skills on taxi insides
Now, this is one clever way for taxi companies who want to stand out among the taxi competition on the busy Mumbai streets! Taxi Fabric is a project for designers who wish to present their skills on taxi insides, seats and doors, by creating beautiful upholstery for commercial taxi companies.

Whoever thought of this idea is a pure genius. Not only they have brought the imaginative Mumbai design talent to show what they’ve got, but they have also made taxi rides a cool fun trip. Even in a scrappy older car, an imaginative voyage like this is enjoyable.

And they have not stopped there. Among their taxi fabricated cars, there are several which stand up for charity causes. Special Friends, Home Grown Innovators and Indian Sign Language are just a few to mention. Gifted designers who care for a cause have expressed their values to the sight of taxi passengers.

A commercial business that makes money with beautiful art and supports charity causes? Make more of these please!


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