Tumbleweed Invasion Traps Residents in Their Homes

Tumbleweed is as big as trees

Invaded by tumbleweed
You might think of tumbleweed as an innocent ball of weeds that travels across an empty desert road. Residents of Wangaratta, Australia might have a different opinion. Since Christmas they are being invaded by a massive amount of tumbleweed. The problem is so great that tumbleweed prevents them from leaving their houses as everything around is buried. Getting morning newspaper from your front porch might not be as easy as it used to be.

A similar problem had residents inClovis, New Mexico. This city also was totally taken by tumbleweed. How many of you could say you can’t show up to work because a tumbleweed is blocking your door?
Tumbleweed is as big as trees

Will he get to the door?

Eating a dinner might be a challenge…

…and getting the car out.


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