We cooked Monica Geller's best dishes from 'Friends'

She’ll be there for you, when your stomach starts to roar

Before celebrity chefs ruled Bravo reality series, Monica Gellar was easily the best chef on TV. From her dinner parties to the endless weekday breakfasts she hosted, Chef Gellar is still one of television’s greatest foodies.


Here are some of the dishes Friends fiends everywhere drooled over every Thursday night when the new episodes aired.

1. Chandler’s Righteous Mac and Cheese

This dish teenage Monica made to impress college-age Chandler back in the 1980s is the whole reason Monica became a professional chef. “This is great, you should be a chef,” Chandler suggests, over Monica’s cheesy, buttery noodles.

2. Tiki Death Punch

After a long day of work and whatever Phoebe did circa 1994, Monica pours out a pink blended “Tiki Death Punch” for the ladies. The pictured recreation is made from blood orange sorbet, a splash of mango liqueur, rum and seltzer, but Monica’s version would be precisely measured and seriously boozy, because she doesn’t mess around.

3. Monica’s Job-Winning Sauce

During Monica’s short stint as a food critic for a local newspaper, in which she calls restaurant Alessandro’s sauce “inedible swill," she shows the restaurant owner how to make her own delectable tomato sauce.

4. Lasagna

Monica always has a lasagna on-hand. Sure, Rachel left her engagement ring in an early rendition of Monica’s lasagna (“The One With the Sonogram at the End”), but that baked pasta looks tantalizing enough to risk choking.

5. Nestle Tollhouse Trial Cookies

Drop the French accent and Phoebe’s favorite cookies are just the recipe on the back of a disposable chocolate chip bag. The 22 batches Monica makes before realizing what recipe is correct are all probably pretty incredible.


6. Jam

In a sticky attempt to get over boyfriend Richard, Monica activates the jam plan. Using fruit she found “at the docks” at the crack of dawn (the nearest 24-hour bodega, really), Monica makes lots and lots of jam. She shares an excessive quantity of blackberry currant jam with Joey, but at $17 a jar to break even, Monica's jam-making plans are short lived.


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