17 Ways to Tell if He'd Make a Good Boyfriend

He'd make an excellent boyfriend

A few signs
Would the man you're crushing on actually make a good boyfriend? It's time to find out, so you don't waste your affection on someone who doesn't deserve it. Here are a few signs that he'd make an excellent boyfriend:

1. He Has Goals

You should date a man that has big plans for his future. If he has goals, and actually works toward achieving those goals, it shows that he's determined, intelligent, and responsible.

2. He Compliments You

Not all compliments will work, of course. But if he gives you compliments that actually make you feel beautiful, instead of like a piece of meat, it means he's a good guy.

3. He Doesn’t like Multiple Girls at Once

If you're the only one he's crushing on, then that's a good sign. It means he's a one-woman man.

4. He Treats You like an Equal

He shouldn't see you as inferior, because you're a woman, because you make less money than he does, or for any other reason. He should treat you as an equal in all respects.

5. He Asks You about Your Day

If he asks you about your day, and actually listens when you talk about your day, then he's a keeper. Most men would tune out after a few minutes of chatter.

6. Your Parents Love Him

Most of the time, your parents are going to hate the boys you bring home, because they know you deserve the very best. So if they actually like your boyfriend, it must mean he's a great guy.

7. He Does Favors for You

If he goes out of his way to help you out, then he's someone you can count on.

8. He Gives You Butterflies

He doesn't have to look gorgeous, but he should still be able to make your entire body shake. The right guy tends to do that.

9. He Puts in Effort

If he puts effort into his appearance and into your friendship, then it means he's going to put effort into your relationship. That's definitely a plus.

10. He Shows up on Time

You don't want to be waiting around for him. That's why a man who's punctual is a man who's worth your time.

11. He Notices the Little Things

If he can tell when you cut your hair a few inches, it means he likes you enough to notice the little things. If he didn't care about you, he'd be oblivious.

12. He’s Close with His Family

If he treats his mother like a queen, then he's probably going to treat you like a princess, because he was obviously raised right.

13. He’s Honest

If he tells you the truth, even when it's hard for you to hear, then you can count on him. He'll never lie to you.

14. He Makes Plans

You don't want to be the one making plans every weekend. If he takes the initiative every once in a while, then he'd make a great boyfriend.

15. He Doesn’t Get Mean when He’s Mad

Couples fight. However, he shouldn't get so mad that he throws things or hits you when he's angry. He should know how to control his temper.

16. He Responds to Your Texts

If he responds to every one of your texts, then you should be flattered. It means he really likes you.

17. He Can Make You Laugh

Sense of humor is incredibly important in a relationship. If he can make you laugh, then you should keep him around.


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