Photographer Captures the Freakish Beauty of Chilean Geysers

Looking almost surreal and otherworldly on their own

Magnificent sunrises
When the Canadian visual designer and photographer Owen Perry visited Chile, he made sure to take the opportunity of shooting its incredibly beautiful and strange geyser field, El Tatio.

Hidden in the Andes, El Tatio is a paradise for any photographer, with its magnificent sunrises, distant hills and steam arising from bubbling pools.

The eerie, blue volcanic pools look almost surreal and otherworldly on their own, but Perry cleverly plays with the textures and colours in order to present the viewer with oddly pleasing results.

“The journey to this place is quite surreal. Firstly, you’re up and on the road by 4am to ensure that you arrive at the geyers just as the sun rises so you can see the steam they give off. And secondly, the temperatures at this time in the morning hover around -12 Celsius. So you’re both tired and cold when you get there. But man is it worth it. The textures, colour and primordiality of the geysers were like nothing I’ve seen in person. I was always inspired by people who took photos of Yellowstone (see: Tim Navis), but this was my first opportunity to capture it with my own camera. I now promise myself to visit and photograph as many geyser fields or volcanic locations as I can during this life.”


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