This Vibrant Curvy French House is Fit for Organic Living

The first tenant of the lively building

In peace with nature
Maison-Bernard is a house in France, made by the Hungarian architect Antti Lovag, the first tenant of this lively building. Constructed to exist in peace with nature, it was Anti’s original idea to make the place with curves and without angles using iron and concrete, suitable to the natural terrain around.

He valued freedom, his own first of all. This is why he respected the freedom of his surroundings and adapted his architectural style. He believed that curves, round and oval objects are more in flow with the human nature than the usual square and rectangle shaped houses we are used to.

Each six months, the house is traditionally offered as a home to an artist who makes the renovation in the spirit of personal creations. The last restoration for Maison-Bernard was made by Odile Decq, who took almost five years to finish the job. The fruity-colored finished product is located in the south of France at The?oule sur mer.


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