Photographer Captures Incredible European Landscapes

The most astounding examples

In search of beauty
A photographer known only as e.jeker has travelled through Central Europe in search of beauty and managed to find some of the most astounding examples.

While most of the photographs depict the unbelievably beautiful hills, lakes and valleys of Switzerland, e.jeker has also found some natural masterpieces in Italy, France, Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary.

Lacs de Fenêtre, Switzerland

Valley to the Golliat, Val Ferret, Switzerland

Valon de Réchy, La Lé

Morges, Switzerland

Château de Valère, Sion, Switzerland

Rocks Formation in Valpelline, Italy

Col de Balme, Switzerland

So?a River, Slovenia

Plitvice National Park, Croatia

Bise, France

Trient Glacier, Switzerland

Derborence Lake, Switzerland

Liberty Bridge, Budapest, Hungary

Playing with the sun on Budapest hills, Hungary


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