Here's How to Try Kourtney K's Lampshading Trend

Wear over-the-knee boots with oversized sweaters

No need for pants
Lampshading may sound like a home decor related activity but it's not. Basically, it's a trend where you wear over-the-knee boots with oversized sweaters, tops, and dresses that hit right above the boots. No need for pants, you say? Sign me up!

Kourtney Does It Best

Black with Black

With a Turtleneck Dress

Take a Cue from Kate Moss

Oversized Sweatshirt

White on White Looks Super Chic!

That Looks Comfy!

Pair Your Oversized Sweater with a Short Skirt and over-the-knee-boots

A Chunky Sweater Works Great Too!

Throw on a Floppy Hat

Choose a Sweatshirt with Interesting Details

You Can't Go Wrong with Black and White




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