Strange Psychological Facts About Dreams & Sleep

There is a reason behind everything

Interesting facts about dreams
Every single night when we sleep, we dream. And yet we tend to know about these dream facts and sleep facts that why do we sleep? Where do these dreams come from? What do they mean? There is a reason behind everything and that is definitely what’s worth sharing here. So, read before snoozing these interesting strange facts about dreams and sleep that you might have never heard before and will surely overcome your curiosity.

Facts About Sleep

We all sleep and this is the thing that we don’t much think about. We spend one-third of our life in a state of sleep. Lack of sleep can shorten our life. But I think there are many things you didn’t know about sleep and you will definitely learn much about sleep in this article.

1: The sleep disorder “Insomnia” is more common in women than men, which causes difficulty for a person staying and falling asleep at night. This sleep disorder increases with age.
2: Sleeping less than 7 hours daily tend to reduce your life expectancy.
3: When you sleep, your body releases important hormones, your brain recharges and your cells repair themselves.
4: When you are not getting enough sleep, levels of leptin tend to decrease in your body and you start to consume more food.
5: Human is the only mammal that delay sleep actually according to his own will.
6: If you are awake for 16 hours continuously, the ability of your mind to function is impaired, which is similar to feeling when you have a blood alcohol level of .05%.
7: 1 in 4 married couples sleep in separate beds.
8: Sleep paralysis is a state when you can’t move after you wake up. It happens when your mind is awake and asleep at the same time. If it happens to you, it will end soon. Approximately 40% of the population experiences sleep paralysis.
9: One complete sleep cycle consists of 90 minutes.
10: Sleep apnea is a disorder in which breathing is interrupted repeatedly and can make a person snore up to 300 times at night.
11: 11 days is the longest time period spent without sleep made by Randy Gardner in 1965.
12: After learning something, if you sleep directly, it will enhance your ability to remember it effectively.
13: Beauty sleep is actually real. During sleep, your skin reproduces new skin cells and overhauls any damage.
14: When you are feeling exhausted and groggy, a nap of 10 to 20 minutes is enough to make your mind fresh.
15: Dystonia commonly named as dysania is a state when a person found it hard to get out of his bed in the morning. It could be a sign of depression or nutritional problems.
16: A study published that people experience better sleep during the new moon and worse sleep during a full moon.
17: Animals also go through sleep stages just like humans that include cycles of REM and NREM sleep.
18: 24 hour’s usage of Internet is one of our biggest sleep distractions.
19: Exercising regularly can improve our sleep patterns. However, exercising just before going to bed can make difficult to fall asleep.
20: Research showed that counting sheep is not effective for putting oneself to sleep.

Facts about Dreams

Dreams are astonishing and mysterious that leave us numb sometimes and we have no idea that what we dreamt about. Through dreaming, we can spend our whole life beautiful that we may not spend in reality. There can’t be any life without dreams and this is fact. Here are interesting and some psychological facts about dreams you probably didn’t know.

1: It is impossible to dream and snore at the same time.
2: Men, women and even babies dream. Everybody dream, expect those with extreme psychological disorders.
3: Scientists have found that in general, people have many dreams every night and each dream lasts for 5 to 20 minutes.
4: Average people spend six years of their life dreaming.
5: A research found that women experience more nightmares and have more emotional dreams as compared to men. When it comes to characters that appear in dreams, men often dream about other men as they dream about women. While women equally dream about both genders.

6: Blind people can see visual images in dreams if they lost their eyesight later in life. But born blind can see vivid dreams. They are unable to saw images, instead of it; they use other senses to dream like sound, touch and smell.
7: One of the interesting psychology facts is that we see faces of people that we have already seen throughout our entire life but probably may not know or remember.
8: In dreams, people experience more negative emotions than positive emotions and anxiety is most common emotion experienced in dreams.
9: Researchers have found that animals can also dream same like as humans.
10: People forget 90% of their dreams after they wake up.
11: Sometimes, when we are asleep, our mind expounds the external stimuli and we hear a sound in real and integrate it in a way. For example, you are dreaming that you are in a concert. While your brother is playing guitar when you are sleeping.
12: In dreams, you can experience more strong orgasms without any wet results. The sensations can be more pleasurable than experienced in real life.
13: According to the various surveys, many people have dreamt about things that go on to happen in future.
14: William Shakespeare used dreams to establish characters and advance the plot in his plays.
15: People, who suffer some kind of personality disarray, may lack dream activity.
16: Ancient Egyptians were the first, who create the dream dictionary in 4000 B.C.E.
17: Nightmares happen more to children than adults.
18: Toddlers until the age of 3 to 4 do not appear in their own dreams.
19: If you wake up while dreaming and you want to get back into your dream again, speedily close your eyes and keep your body still. It will work but not always, but it’s worth to try it for a good dream.
20: When the color film was not invented, 15% people dreamed in color. Now in these days, about 75% people dream in color.

Final Thoughts:

I hope you had a great time reading these weirdest facts about dreams and sleep. Check out and tell us which shocked you the most? Now, I am going to sleep to check these facts. Don’t forget to share your weirdest dream and sleep experiences below. Good night and have sweet dreams.


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