The Long-Awaited Human Vision of Flying Cars Approaches Fast

The car that will take you off the road

The end of high-luxury cars
Stay tuned – cars just started flying. Here comes the last prototype of the model TF-X by Terrafugia, the car that will take you off the road and straight to the future. It looks and it sounds as fantastic as it is. But its existence is far from a fantasy. Although it is still work in progress, Terrafugia engineers are convinced that it will take only about a decade for the model to fully develop and hit the road (and the air!)

But hold your horses – unless you have a large budget at your disposal. The price of this personal micro-plane will be at the end of high-luxury cars. So, not yet a treat for small pockets. Still, if money is no trouble for you, get ready to plan a trip of 500 miles flying out with 200mph.

Compared to this cool technology miracle, self-driving cars seem blunt. Who would want to leave steering out, when they can be their own pilot? Cabin cruise control – get set, ready and take off!


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