17 Meaningful Relationship Goals for Long Term Couples

Are you in a meaningful relationships?

Put the goal
1. You -know- You Aren't Going to Break up

2. You Understand That Sometimes, Passion Can Be Directed in Anger Too

3. You Feel so in Love when Your Partner Does Something Adorable

4. You Truly Appreciate Each Other's Shortcomings

5. It's Tough to Make Each Other Jealous Because You Are so Secure

6. You Smile when You Realize That Your Partner Dominates Your Call History

7. You Can Talk in Looks

8. You've Created Your Own Language...

9. … That Has Code Words for People You Hate

10. You Don't Feel a Bit of FOMO when You Are with Your Person

11. You Are so Comfortable with Each Other, the Bathroom Door is Always Open

12. You Share the Same Toothbrush and Don't Even Care

13. You Can't Sleep without Your Partner – or at Least Not Well

14. You Don't Mind Morning Breath

15. You Remember Every Single Kiss and Still Have Fireworks when They Kiss You

16. You Plan a Date and Still Hate Butterflies

17. You Can Still Be Silly Together


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