Watercolor Artist Creates Stunning Feminine Flower Drawings

The beauty of the world in split seconds

Withering of fresh flowers
There is no better reminder of the passing of time than the withering of fresh flowers. Living so shortly, they capture the beauty of the world in split seconds.

Lim Zhi Wei, or as her nickname goes – Limzy, seems that wants to remind us of the exceptional value of time with her short-lived almost translucent water-colored art. There are ballerinas and tango dancers, hot-air balloons and honeybees, all covered in bloom.

This brilliant Malaysian artist, living in Singapore, started the #instaartmovement as a recognition of the transitory nature of beauty. Is there a better place to put out the spontaneous creation of magical blends of flowers and colors than Instagram? Her lovely feminine drawings of dresses made of flower leaves look like they want to pop-out of the paper drawings. So gentle and fragile – like the Buddhist mandala sand art. Follow her daily and you are sure to be blessed with an instant delivery of loveliness.



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