21 Stylish Ways to up Your Scarf Game without Freezing to Death

Few new techniques here

Ways to style your scarf
Scarves are my favorite accessories, no matter what the weather. However, winter always presents more opportunities to wear them, which is one of the only reasons I look forward to cold weather. The problem is that if you run out of ways to style your scarf, it can get a little boring – especially if you still want to use your scarf to, you know, keep warm. I think you might find a few new techniques here, though – a couple, at least. Let me know, huh?

1. Turn It into a Halter Top

Oh yeah. You can do that. Did you know you could do that? Don't you have a scarf in your closet right now that you love so much, you'd like
to wear it as a top? Try it. Don't worry, I'll wait.

2. Fake Your Knot

This is especially helpful if you are not a knot tying expert.

3. They Call This the Muffler

I don't know why, but ohhh, it looks so warm.

4. Create a Belt

I frequently use a scarf as a belt. Here's a new take on that, though – turn your scarf into an adorable bow tie belt! This might just be your new statement accessory.

5. Or Just Tuck Your Scarf into Your Belt

Also an option. As you'll see, scarf tucking is actually a pretty popular thing.

6. Capture Some Parisian Flair

This is a chic, sophisticated way to wear your scarf in any season. It is always on point. Always.

7. Tie Your Scarf in a Bow

Here's another statement-maker. The great part is that this will also keep your throat and neck toasty warm.

8. Or Try This Bow

Tbh, I like this bow better.

9. Twist It

This is a serious twist. The final product is always effortlessly chic.

10. Braid It and Twist It

This is a wonderful twist on a favorite standard – warm, stylish, stunning. Can't lose.

11. Let It Drape

Here's another easy way to look effortlessly elegant. This takes seconds to perfect but it can make your entire ensemble.

12. Perfect the European Loop

You must have this technique in your arsenal. You must.

13. Pick One

For those days when you don't know how to wear your favorite accessory.

14. Get Your Feathers Ruffled

Or your scarf, at least.

15. Learn to Love the Length

Don't know what to do with a really long scarf? You're welcome.

16. From Scarf to Poncho

This actually covers more, anyway, so in addition to being super stylish, it keeps you even warmer.

17. Or Just Wrap It

Easy, breezy, and so pretty!

18. Double up

It might take you a few tries to nail the technique, but once you do, your scarf will always be cozy.

19. Mix It up with a Tee Shirt

This is a simple tweak, but it's surprisingly fabulous!

20. Make Your Own Infinity Scarf

Scarf hacks are full of win. I love infinity scarves, but I already have so many scarves and the infinity pieces can be expensive!

21. Go for an Intricate Knot

It's a great fashion day when even the knot in your scarf is a work of art.


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