16 Fascinating Mushrooms from the Undiscovered Forest World

The second sequence of the secret beauty

Surprise of rich textures
Just when you thought you have seen it all in Australia, here comes the second sequence of the secret beauty hidden in the magic woodlands. We do not often opt out to explore the miniature world of tiny living thigs that grow in dark forest corners under trees.

But here comes the surprise of rich textures and diversity of forms you may not have expected. These are indeed magical mushrooms, giving a fairy-like dusty mist look to the trees, taking cover under the branches and the leaves, shaping their own unique world. Look at them for a while, and you may float away in the enchanting world of goblins, fairies and elves.

Why wouldn’t they choose these soft gorgeous umbrellas to dwell under and around? A rare and true allure of the thriving forest flora – or, is it fauna? A question open for debate – not everyone agrees mushrooms are plants!


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