10 Cool Facts About Cute Baby (And Grown up) Hedgehogs

A welcome guest in anyone’s garden

Funny and cute!
1. They are called “hedgehogs” – you guessed it – because they love to dwell around hedges.
2.Hedgehogs are night creatures which rest during the day and wander around during the night.
3. Hedgehogs have 5000 spines. Each lasts for a year when a new one grows. (Does this mean that they live for 5000 years?)
4. They also have 5000 muscles – each spine has a muscle to help it move for protection against predators.
5. About 500 (!) fleas live on one hedgehog (no need to worry – these type of fleas do not like humans).
6. They roam for food using a very long snout.
7. Garden pest is their main food, so they can be a welcome guest in anyone’s garden.
8. A mother hedgehog can have from one to eleven baby hedgehogs!
9. They are monogamous. And apparently, not very good fathers – male hedgehogs leave the mother after mating.
10. They use the winter for hibernation, stuffed with food and tucked up in the nests they have built in autumn.
(A bonus cool fact: They are extra cute, friendly and make very good pets!)



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