Japanese Artist Captures the Beauty of Iced Flowers

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Gorgeously captivatin
Makoto Azuma is a Japanese botanical artist who specializes in installations across and outside of Japan. We’ve already written about his ”Exobiotanica – Botanical Space Flight” installation, so now it’s time to present his gorgeously captivating ”Iced Flowers” installation. This is one of his most famous works to date and it is meant to ”observe the changing life of flowers that are locked in ice”.

The installation was organized in January 2015, obviously it was very brief and accompanied by live music by Toru Matsumoto. By using two short-lived media, ice and flowers, Azuma’s intention is to change our perspective on their individual and (potential) combined beauty. He also hopes to juxtapose two essentially different things – exotic colourful flowers with the cold, dead ice.

In the invitation, Makoto Azuma writes: ”This exhibition presents ‘Iced Flowers’, a work to observe the changing life of flowers that are locked in ice. Flowers will show unique expressions that they do not display in everyday life, by being placed in a different environment. Please enjoy how flowers and ice change themselves over time in the ruins far from human existence – it is an inorganic space that makes a vivid contrast with flowers.”

‘Iced Flowers’ by Makoto Azuma, January 11 2015, Saitama, Japan


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