Incredible Photographs That Will Make You Wish You Lived in Peru

Searching landscapes that could blow your mind

Vast ocean and gentle sunsets
Life is too short to travel and discover the whole world. But if you’ve ever needed a sign, something that would make you decide definitively that you must visit Peru, this is it. Peruvian professional photographer Gianfranco Zanobini lives in Lima and travels around his hometown and the rest of the country in search of landscapes that could blow your mind with their flawless beauty.

He photographs everything this lovely land has to offer: its vast ocean and gentle sunsets, its gargantuan mountains and intact, hidden little lakes, as well as its caves, streams, fields and everything in between. Whether you’re the type of person that wishes to leave everything behind and go live a quiet life somewhere in the countryside or if you dream of living somewhere peaceful, warm and by the ocean, this country has it all.


Hot & Cold – Valle Sagrado de los Incas

Laguna Nevería, Provincia de Huarochirí, Lima

Océano Pacifico, Arequipa, Peru

Soqtapata, Cusco, Peru

Taytay Agueyte, Cusco, Peru

Waterfall at LimacPunku

Huancavelica, South Central Peru

Mar de Lima

Laguna Nevería, Provincia de Huarochirí, Lima

Camino a Rapagna

Rio Madre de Dios

Urubamba SuperStars


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